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Individual Rentals:


HitTrax Lane (Includes Hack Attack Pitching Machine)

$40 per half hour

$60 per hour

BP Lane (Batting Practice Lane) (no pitching machine)

$30 per half hour

$40 per hour

Pitching Mound

$35 per half hour

$50 per hour   

Team Rentals

Rates can vary based on season and package. We offer teams three types of facility rentals: Full, One Half, and One Quarter facility. Ask if you want our professional coaches to run your team practice.

  • Full Rental: Two HitTrax Lanes, four BP Lanes, and one Bullpen

  • One Half Rental: One HitTrax Lane and two BP Lanes

  • One Quarter Rental: Two BP Lanes

*Prices can change based on season

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