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HitTrax is a baseball simulator system for measuring and tracking player stats for batted balls. We use HitTrax as part of our player development programs to measure and track improvement over time. Players with an active HitTrax subscription can log into HitTrax Stats Center, where they can view their progress and compare their stats with others on the HitTrax leaderboard.





Blast is a inertial motion unit used by several MLB and NCAA organizations that attaches to a player’s bat and uploads swing data to a connected mobile app in real time. Players can view analysis of their stats and receive feedback and drills based on their swing data.





Also used by MLB and college players, the Motus sleeve tracks biomechanical data to measure throwing workload for pitchers. The sensor in the sleeve transmits data to the Motus app, where our coaches can then use the data to formulate training plans for each athlete to maximize throwing performance.

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