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Training & Lessons

Our training systems focus on developing athletes using technology and coach intuition using a test/retest model. Semi Private Group Training sessions are recommended for those ages 13 and up while 1 on 1 lessons are strongly recommended for baseball players ages 12 and under, as well as all softball players. Semi Private Group Training sessions will maintain a 6:1 player to coach ratio to ensure high quality training from our staff. All programs require a minimum amount of commitment (lessons – 5 lesson hours & semi private group training – 1 month) and completion of an assessment.


Before entering any program we require that each athlete goes through an assessment, which allow us to modify our training programs to best fit the athlete. The assessment process identifies a baseline for key performance indicators (KPIs) which allow for accurate athlete analysis in order to drive appropriate programming Our assessment is a three part process (physical, hitting and throwing) which collects data including height, weight, BMI, VO2, grip, vertical force, bat speed, attack angle, throwing velocity, and spin rates. Based on our comprehensive assessment and analysis we can recommend what type of training will suit the player best.


For softball players of all ages and baseball players under age 13, generally one on one lessons will be ideal. Our five hour total lesson commitment can be broken down into either 5 hour-long sessions or 10 half-hour sessions. One on one lessons can involve hitting, pitching, and/or throwing/fielding training depending on the lesson duration. Half-hour lessons will only involve hitting, pitching or throwing/fielding while hour lessons will involve a combination of both. However, players may also choose to only work on one skill set for the entire hour.


For baseball players over age 13, Semi Private Group Training is the best means of development. Semi Private Group Training is a minimum one month commitment that requires at least three days of training per week. Athletes’ sessions last two hours and consist of throwing, hitting, and strength & conditioning programs. Athletes must commit to a schedule to stay consistent through their month of training.

Signups for training programs are available on eSoft. To enroll in Semi Private Group Training you must buy a training membership and schedule a required assessment. To enroll in one on one lessons, please purchase your lesson package and schedule your required assessment. All assessments are a one time fee of $50 and are sent to players and parents within 48-72 hours

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