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Travel Teams

Diamond Heroes Travel Teams


Our travel teams focus on player development through a process that involves highly capable coaches with innovative tech such as HitTrax, Motus, and Blast at their disposal. Our teams are part of the competitive NVTBL and compete against other local travel teams, as well as in local and regional tournaments. All teams have one practice per week during the regular season with two games and at least 1 session per week of winter training.

We have Heroes teams at the 10u and 11u level, as well as for high school graduating classes 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025. All teams except the 2022 team run from March-May (regular season), mid August-October (fall season), and January-February (winter training). The 2022 team has the same fall and winter schedule, but the regular season runs from May to July to accommodate the high school schedule.

If you have any questions about Heroes teams, please email one of our coaches.

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